Impaired adipokine profile in HIV positive patients without metabolic syndrome: the role of antiretroviral therapy

Adipose tissue secretes of a range of biologically active proteins called adipokines. Dysregulation of adipokines is implicated in the etiology of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, but the relation between adiponectin, leptin and antiretroviral therapy has been poorly studied and subject to controversy. This study investigated the relation between plasma adipokine levels and different antiretroviral drug exposure in HIV positive subjects with similar metabolic and anthropometric parameters and without metabolic syndrome. Our data show that antiretroviral drugs impair the adipokine and osteoprotegerin profiles in HIV positive patients without metabolic syndrome and in the absence of impaired glycemic and lipidic parameters.
Keywords: Adiponectin; Leptin; Osteoprotegerin; HAART.

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