Paul Volberding interview

Paul Volberding – Chief of the medical service at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, principal investigator and codirector of UCSF’s Center for AIDS Research and coeditor-in-chief of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes- is widely considered one of the world’s leading AIDS experts, a pioneer in the study of antiretroviral therapy. HAART – Higly Active Antiretroviral Therapy- is considered a milestone in the history of medicine: fighting against a new virus that causes a deadly disease, the medical science was able to achieved this goal in a relatively short term, and now HIV infection is a chronic condition. We met Prof Volberding during the 17th CROI Conference in San Francisco, and asked him to describe the ingredient of this “recepie” for success.

Articolo presente in – HAART and correlated pathologies n. 9

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